Mobile coverage problems – apparently

November 24, 2006

During mobile phone conversations with people which don’t know I stutter, sometimes these people interpret blockages or speech lags with shortage of mobile coverage.

Despite this can be quite unpleasant, I’ve found it offers several opportunities:

  • It can be used as a way of increasing awareness on your speech during the rest of conversation. Therefore, it is a signal to stop…relax….and take control.
  • You can tell the other person you stutter, supporting acceptance of stuttering as something natural and a part of you.
  • Other person feedback can be used as feedback for you performance. However, I plan not to confuse feedback with trying to hide I stutter as it can increase tension.

Hope you find these useful!


2 Responses to “Mobile coverage problems – apparently”

  1. YourFriend Says:

    Hi, just went through your notes. Interesting ones. Do keep it updated.

  2. Thanks! I’ll do my best….despite I expect to be a little busy till November 07. Hope you enjoy it

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