Reflection after week 1

November 21, 2006

Time for reflection after week 1 in my attempts to talk slowly and trying to resist situations of time pressure or silence.

I don’t think it is feasible to be constantly aware during these situations as responses are often automatic.The approach I’ve been trying is to work on them on purpose so that I can associate “no-fear” or “reward” feelings with them. In this way, I expect to change my behaviour when these are present.

Reading exercises were skipped most of days because of lack of time and settings – at the office there’s plenty of people. Reflecting on how to improve this nice practice, I will try to schedule situations where I can read in public during the day. For example, I can read a work-related internet article to a companion and comment on it….but with talking-slowly style.

One of the major problems I’ve found during practice is scheduling situations. Changing the my clock to the opposite wrist appears to be working as I tend to create situations even before changing it – negative reward effect?

Registering everyday’s progress is also challenging because of limited time. However, I expect this blog to act as an integrating and reflection device.


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