MF – Week 1: Talk slowly deliberately

November 13, 2006

Now it’s time to go from theory into practice!

I’ve planned to reinforce Fraser’s precepts by focusing a whole week on each one. Therefore, I’ll start with the issue of trying to talk slowly on purpose.

MF article suggested different activities to settle down appropriate habits. So, I’ll schedule different activities so that these can be put in place.

  • Reading exercises: It will consist on reading sessions reinforcing the new style of talking. I’ll spend 5 min/day during this week in my evening study sessions. Recording my speech sessions with the computer so that I can listen to them afterwards can be a great source of feedback.
  • Resist time-pressure feelings and fear to silence: These are two issues I have problems with. I tend to fight to talk on time and also tend to fill ‘silences’ – I’m not sure why. I’ll structure activities on those two subjects with specific daily exercises. Particularly, I’ll have to register two situations per day in which I had pressure to talk and try to resist. Additionally, I’ll have to create two situations per day in which I forced a silence so that I can analyse what are my feelings and thoughts and loose fear to these.

Considering the issue of registering progress, I’ll use mindmaps templates in order to register progress. I recommend you Freemind as mindmapping tool as it’s simple but powerful. You can download it from here.

This is an screencapture of the template I will use.

MF Week 1 template

Upssss…time to leave! I’ll post comments soon about results


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