Relaxation routines

November 8, 2006

During last years I’ve considerably improved my control over breathing and body muscles using relaxation techniques – as Jacobson’s progressive relaxation. In next posts I’ll introduce and explain the basics of Jacobson’s technique – for those impatient, google “jacobson relaxation technique” šŸ™‚

Despite they may be ineffective to prevent stuttering to occur, I have found them very useful to overcome blockages and reduce stuttering frequency. For example, when you feel difficulties with a word or situation, relaxing and controlling breathing/muscles can avoid stress to raise up to levels you cannot manage it.

I will try to embed certain routines in my daily life to reduce the general stress level and reinforce correct breathing patterns. This is likely to avoid engaging situations from a high starting stress level. For example, I’ll try to start the day with 10 minutes of relaxation and breathing techniques.

The following could be an plausible agenda for starting the day:

– Relax deeply for 5-10 minutes (e.g. using Jacobson’s)

– Breathing exercises for 5 minutes

Considering I arrive to the office one hour earlier than work starting time, these routines can be put in practice easily.


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