Fraser’s stuttering therapy precepts

November 7, 2006

During several days I’ve started reading about stuttering as a major part of initial action will be focused on understanding what’s happening with my speech.

I’ve found an interesting online post of a Malcolm Fraser book which exposes a stuttering self-therapy. You can access it here.

The article exposes a number of precepts as a bullet-point list, which focuses both on physical and cognitive aspects of stuttering. For example, slowing speech motion and relaxation to tackle physical aspects and self-acceptance or confrontation on the cognitive side. I have created a mindmap with all precepts and several potential related activities.

Malcolm Fraser stuttering self-therapy

The author recommends tackling on a precept a time during a time so that you can plan activities and become proficient on it. This is what I’ll try for a some time.

I would say the book focus a large part of its approach on unlearning behavious, feelings and attitudes. Despite I feel this is part of the way to go, I’m quite uncertain about potential sustainability on the long term (motivation is THE great issue) and even physical feasibility – it seems that a recent research demostrates there’s a real speech system disorder. I wonder whether this disorder can be tackled by this sort of therapy or may require special treatment (e.g. drugs)

Anyway, great beginning!  I enjoyed the book and feel confortable knowing I’ve begun my way into accepting stuttering


One Response to “Fraser’s stuttering therapy precepts”

  1. Chris Says:

    I think Malcom Fraser’s book about Van Riper’s methods is very good. It is probably the only approach with long-run-effectiveness.

    You can really learn to get out of blocks with pre-, in-, and post-block corrections.

    I’m still not very good at it but it is getting better from month to month. I still have a lot of blocks but they are much less severe. If I could learn to be every time in control of the blocks my stuttering won’t bother me anymore.
    And finally you will pull-out unconciously, so that you don’t need to think about blocks anymore.

    You will speek freely.

    But we can only arrive at this level if we work as much and hard as we can. And I don’t do it. :/

    Before I’ve found your blog I also decided to blog about my stuttering – but I’ll do it on my own domain and in german.

    When my blog is ready maybe we can link to each other’s blog. I’ll post the URL.
    You are in my bookmarks now. 😉


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