Welcome to my blog!

October 27, 2006


This blog is intended to support me in the process of confronting and accepting my stuttering. Additionally, it may provide others insight on certain aspects of this complex and obscure speech disorder.

I use to stutter since I can remember and, despite some great advances after taking therapy ten years ago, it is an unsolved issue deeply affecting my self-steem and self-confidence.

I’ll try to use this blog to record experiences, organise useful resources, plan activities and, specially, force me reflect on what I’m attempting. I expect this will help me to learn faster and be more effective on my approch.


3 Responses to “Welcome to my blog!”

  1. Tom Says:

    I discovered your blog via del.icio.us. I’m in the same boat, so I’ll follow your ordeal (at least for me it is an ordeal :).

    How old are you? Can you say something about the therapy you took ten years ago? What kind of therapy was it?

  2. Hi Tom,

    Glad to see you’re on board 🙂
    I’m 32 years old and I had therapy during a couple of years around 10 years ago.
    I decided to go to therapy because I felt unable to confront my end-of-studies project presentation. That last year was terrible for my fluency and I felt I should move on and progress.
    This therapy provided me knowledge on the physical and cognitive factors that can affect stuttering.
    We covered issues as relaxation, progressively confronting situations and reframing the way I perceived speech situations.
    Additionally, two-year everyday practice dramatically improved my fluency and put me in control in an increased number of speech situations.
    However, fluency requires constant monitoring which can be difficult to sustain in the long term.
    Now, as it happened with my end-of-studies project, I feel I need to accept and confront my stuttering so that this does not interphere in my professional career.

  3. dimka Says:

    hey SomeWhoStutters, I am glad I found your blog and I am glad that there are more blogs out there related to stuttering especially to this one. Confronting and accepting your stuttering is one of the most hardest things you can do, but it is definitely rewarding. Have you heard of the Successful Stuttering Management Program? I took in 2005 and it really changed my life. I hear it’s not like other programs so I could give you more information if you want. my e-mail is dimka@inbox.com


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